About logo

Light and Learning defines the soul of University of Lucknow and we continuously as a unit have endeavored to spread the inner light that is only possible through education. We at the University of Lucknow recognize and truly believe in the transforming power of education. We also firmly hold that the integration of the vast global as well as individual repertoire of resources is key to enhancing the power of transformative education. Keeping in sync with the global movement to integrate educational resources and increase the ease of accessibility to them while harnessing the powers of the global revolution, University of Lucknow has designed an integrative interactive education portal.

logo (Strategic Learning Application for Transformative Education) is a state of the art integrated interactive digital platform aimed at exclusively delivering to the students of University of Lucknow , a truly world class online learning experience logo extends the classroom beyond the confines of the four walls and constraints of time and brings to the student the convenience of accessing resources, revisiting key points in lectures, exploring a wider range of resources, easy digital submission of assignments, digital tests, having 24 x 7 access to mentors, quick notices and much more.

logo makes the reach of their classrooms longer and deeper in time and space and provided for the faculty. It gives them real-time actionable insights for reforming education even further. logo offers classroom management for faculty-led teaching of higher education. logo enables the faculty to deliver lectures supported by all types of latest content styles, including video lecture, notes, Power Point Presentations, etc.

logo also enables teachers to create and integrate course materials, align content and assessments, track progress of students, and create tests and quizzes for the students.

Advantages of logo:

  1. Multi format support, viz. Text, ppts, video, audio, etc.
  2. Global classroom experience.
  3. 24 x 7 access to online study material anytime, anywhere.
  4. Enrichment of offline classes with sharing of study material, assessment, quizzes and query resolution.
  5. Enables time table based online classes.
  6. Monitoring of student attendance and feedback mechanism.
  7. Enables student attendance for offline classes
  8. Easy, transparent & standardized student evaluation
  9. Encourages and enables sharing of lectures on social media platforms for broader reach.
  10. Inbuilt Webinar platform.